Fuji - 3004-XPC Q4 Gold (Rating: 5)

So i bought the q4 in july 2012. I have used it a couple dozen times on everything from full kitchens to tiny wine balancers. I want to start by saying this is a great unit. I love the xpc gun. I dont have a crazy amount of experience spraying finishes but i have done my fair share over the years. I have used several different types and this is by far the best i have ever used. If your looking for a "high quality" hvlp system this is the one. I have used the Apollos and they are nice but in my opinion the Fuji is slightly nicer and a bit cheaper which is a plus. I know everyone rants and raves about the earlex systems but the one i have is a childs toy compared to the fuji.

This unit is a 4 stage turbine so it has some power. I spray latex every now and again (not my fault, some times you just cant talk people out of something) and it blows right through it. The controls are all super easy to use. you can dial it in really easily and the fit and finish is top notch. It is also very easy to clean

It was just under 1000 bucks but be prepared to spend 2000 if your like me. I got the main kit as well as an extra gun (one for solvent based finishes and one for water based finishes), and a gravity feed gun that i have yet to actually use. There are also several accessories you will want to pick up that will make life a lot easier and in turn make finishing more enjoyable such as the cup covers for short term storage in the guns cup.

There are only one negative thing i have to say about it. The turbine died today. It was a total bummer. I was dead smack in the middle or finishing a kitchen and boom, dead. Dont know what happened, dont really care. I panicked and called Fuji's cs line. COULD NOT HAVE FOUND NICER PEOPLE! The gentleman i spoke with asked if i could email a copy of my receipt which i did, along with an explanation what happened and the circumstances that im in (in the middle of a kitchen that is supposed to be installed next week). With in 6 minutes he called me to inform me that he had called the warehouse and had them ship me a new turbine and to just pop the old one in the box when the new one comes. Two days and im all set. Not to bad.

Just thought i would share my thoughts on it. Its a great unit and well worth the investment. If i could do it over i would in a heartbeat even with the turbine dieing and that says something because im spiteful and hold grudges. Hope this helps.