cshardware.com - Custom Service Hardware Online Shopping Experience (Rating: 5)

I haven't seen a formal review for these guys on here, so I figured I'd go ahead and document my experience with these guys.

I've placed 4 orders with them in the past year for a variety of screws, some tabletop fasteners, and most recently some 26" KV-brand heavy-duty drawer slides. Each time I ordered, I received a shipping notice 1-2 business days (or even on the day I ordered), and received my order within 5 business days. Everything was accurately counted, bagged, and labeled. I'm sure I annoyed someone when they had to take the time to bag a dozen screws for me, but they've always had my order correct. So, I've never had to deal directly with a customer service representative, but from the service I received, I don't imagine I'd have any problems if I needed to.

The selection they have is great, and the website is easily navigable. Today I needed to order some 2" and 2.5" black, square drive, flathead wood screws, and I had no problem locating them within a minute of going to the site. There's almost always a coupon code as well, usually in the 10-20% range. Shipping is reasonable, I ordered the screws I needed, and even with shipping, was less than if I had gone to the local home center (not that they had what I needed in-stock, anyways).

I haven't had any experience with their cabinet hardware yet, but they do stock the hinges and slides I will be using for my kitchen rebuild, at great prices, and I will definitely be ordering from them. One thing to note, is that hardware (such as my 26" slides) typically don't come with mounting screws from them, but the website tells you which screws you need, and they're typically in the range of a nickel or so.

So, in summary, this is a great, economical site to order a wide range of hardware from, with a fast turnaround time.