Powermatic - PM1000 with 52" Accu-Fence System (Rating: 5)

This is only my second saw, so that may limit the impact of my review, but it just might be my last! This beauty is built to last!

I upgraded from a craftsman contractor saw, which was wildly inaccurate, but allowed me to realize that woodworking is going to be a lifetime passion of mine. A big factor in choosing this saw for me was the 115V option. Plus, the Powermatic logo screams quality to me. Obviously the saw is amazing, especially compared to the contractor saw i had previously.

I've had the saw for about six months now and it has been used quite a bit. As far as performance goes, this saw is dead accurate, easy to use, and significantly quieter than that contractor saw. The saw almost hums. I'd agree with the other review about the difficulty of installing the wooden extension wing. Although, I put mine together by myself. The 1 3/4 HP motor is plenty of power for what I've done so far. 8/4 Poplar is the thickest wood I've run through it and 4/4 Hard Maple is probably the hardest wood I've thrown at it. Of course a good sharp Woodworker II helps with a lot of it too.

The only complaint I have with the saw is trying to align the fence with the little tape measure. I just can't get it to be accurate. I've contacted Powermatic and they're sending me another adhesive backed tape measure that I can accurately apply myself. So…..really no complaints!

If your in the market at this price range, you won't be disappointed to go with this saw.