Ridgid - R4512 (Rating: 4)

ok, So I researched Table saws for a while before I settled on this one.

The only problem I have with this saw is the fence. It is a two piece system and I hate trying to align it. They should offer a small tube of Loc-tite for this to keep them from loosening! Or just simply make a one piece rail system!! It is garbage.
In its defense I will say that i am used to the uni-fence and that may cause a little hate towards this unit.

Ok now that i got that out of the way, all in all I do recommend this saw. This is more saw than any weekend woodworker/hobbyist will ever need! It has no problem accepting my frued 8" stack-able dado set. It is very very easy to adjust the trunnion to square. The miter gauge that came with it had .015" slop in the slot. They quickly sent out a replacement with adjustment set screws in the bar!

The saw has plenty of power. It did struggle when I ripped 8/4 Walnut but it didn't leave any burn marks and cut very very smooth. besides that it is walnut!

Anyway. If you are thinking of purchasing this saw I give you the green light. It a great value and plenty of power! just be forewarned about the miter gauge and the fence system!

Oh yeah, as with any saw, upgrade your blade ASAP as well!!!