Veritas - Rip Dovetail Saw, 20 tpi (Rating: 5)

I picked this saw up a couple weeks back to try my hand at hand cutting dovetails after losing 4 teeth out of a Japanese style saw on one drawer. I'd read that the Japanese saws aren't as good on harder woods like white oak which is what I mostly use, wish I would have read that before I bought the thing but other than that it's a nice saw and I'll keep it around I think. Back to the review at hand though. I started the process of laying out dovetails on 4 drawers and started cutting the tails. After spending an hour marking everything out I spent about 15 minutes sawing. This saw just flew through the white oak. The only problems I had were because the operator is a moron, one day I keep telling myself. Once I got the hang of not pushing too hard the saw cut like a dream. I can't wait to get back to cutting tonight after the kids go to bed.