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Great Reference Book to have at hand - download yours taday!

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Karson mentioned this handbook in a comment he posted on a bending machine someone had posted here, so I looked it up, and was amazed at the amount of information held in this book. from structural characteristics of different wood species, to milling, staining, deceases, infections, drying, and everything else that has to do with using wood for building things.

highly recommended!!!! I cannot stress this enough.

it's a free download (about 14Mb) from the Dept. of Forestry:

Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material

Thanks Karson!
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Well, you know I'm going to enjoy this. Thanks for the link!
It's a great reference book. I've got it stored on my computer and i reference it a few times.
thanks guys ,
also found this

i am still in kindergarden playing with blocks ,
maybe some one further up the ladder
could do the blue thing with this ,
and make it easyer to get to .

it tells you EVERYTHING about
EVERY species of wood
around the world !

has some other things there too ,
that might be worth looking at ?

witch im about to do .

well what do you know ,
i managed to get it to go there ,
thanks martin !
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Thanks Guys, stored on my desktop for casual reading and referencing…Blkcherry
you're all welcome.

David - thats another great reference. now if it only was more accessible, and had pictures of the color/grain of each specie, and the smell (lol) that would be perfect.

there's actually a wood-encyclopedia book (don't know the actual name) that has the characteristics of each specie, with a photo of the actual lumber (color and grain pattern). but the characteristics mentioned there are rather limited compared to the "Wood Handbook" referenced above which is by far more extensive.
yea purp ,
i found that book once ,
but being a novice ,
it disappeared when i went somewhere else .
maybe i can find it again and post .
i do have both off these locked in now however ,
for future reference ,
all off it is good !

by the way , your bench is coming along nicely .
its like one off those old cliifhanger movies ,
tune in next episode !
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Great material. Thanks for posting it. I have a great book for identifying trees published by the National Audubon Society. Great color photos and information about the species. Well indexed and easy to use as well. If you like getting out in the wilderness this is a must have for your Christmas list. You can click on the picture of the book on Amazon to see inside the book.
Thanks for the links Sharon and David
you're welcome!

James - that is also a nice book. definitely another layer of wisdom and knowledge to add to the overall woodworking experience. there is a similar book that I've seen at Barnes and Noble, but instead of the living tree - it shows the lumber (color and grain patterns). obviously it is aimed at woodworkers as opposed to outdoor people.
A real good find thanks Purplev. I might print out the topics pages of each section for faster reference.
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