Oneway - Wolverine jig system including Skew Jig and Vari-Grind. (Rating: 5)

Now you guys and gals know me, I am a bang for the buck kind of guy, and in order to separate my cheap fingers from those bucks, your product or service better offer some real tangible additional bang…

Enter the OneWay Manufacturing Wolverine jig. I initially got this because I had no idea that PSI had a cheaper clone, and after a couple of frustrating plywood copies later, I opted for the steel of the Wolverine to avoid the flexing that was messing up my angles.

To call the Wolverine jig well made would be like saying that a Bradley Fighting Vehicle is somewhat sturdy. More than an understatement! This thing is extremely well made, with good thick stock, solid secure welds, and supporting hardware that is simply top rate. The design is simple and straight forward…

The same can be said about my Vari Grind and my Wolverine Skew Jig… Both of which I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase second hand for a fraction of the cost new. However, my Skew jig had a problem. The thumb screw plastic knob was crushed when it arrived. Which is the way the original owner sent it out. (I knew it and had no problem). I had intended on getting a replacement locally, but had some trouble figuring out the thread.

So I called OneWay. They not only offered to have me order a replacement from them, but they are sending out out and no cost to me, knowing full well that I am not the original owner of this jig. (But I am the original owner of the Wolverine jig…)

Sadly, I have had this setup for a year and a half, and I am just now getting around to ordering the replacement knob… But I must admit, i am very happy to be doing business with OneWay… Makes me want to look their way for other turning tools and accessories!