Incra - V120 Miter Gauge (Rating: 5)

I originally picked this up last fall at Rockler, at a significant discount from the $84.99 MSRP (I believe I got it for $49.99). At the time, I didn't have a table saw with a standard miter slot, so I was only able to use this on my router table for routing the end of pieces. While it worked just fine for that task, I held off judgment until getting a table saw so that I could use this for its main intended purpose.

A couple weeks ago I got a new (to me) Unisaw and was finally able to install my Incra gauge in a saw. After taking some time to perfect the fit of the miter bar (more on that in a bit…) and to square the gauge to the blade, I finally am ready to pass judgment on the miter gauge.

1. Accuracy-With just a slight adjustment, it's perfect. Couldn't ask for any better

2. Value-At the full price, it's a bit steep. But I suppose that's the price you pay for accuracy.

3. Customer Support-I mentioned that this product had been used in my router table before being moved to my table saw. Well, after a long time being adjusted for the router table, the nylon Glidelock bushings had siezed onto the adjustment screws-no matter how much force I exerted, I couldn't get the screws to loosen up. Finally, I e-mailed Incra. I received a very prompt, very thoughtful and detailed response from Mark, Field Operations Manager at Incra. He suggested that applying some heat to the nylon bushings would cause them to loosen up and allow the adjustment screws to turn. A few seconds with a heat gun on each of the four bushings proved successful and allowed me to get a perfect fit in my table saw!

Also, you'll notice in the attached photo that I've attached a 3ft section of Rockler T-Track to the Incra Gauge. This works very well and was significantly cheaper than purchasing an Incra Miter 1000 (although it wouldn't be if I'd had to pay full price for the V120