NuMax - SP123 1" Pinner (Rating: 5)

I purchased this Pinner for use on this Project:

The Pinner worked great right out of the box. I purchased from Amazon for $29.98 after reading all the good reviews (4.5 stars). I didn't want to spend a lot of money and this fit the bill. Works flawless so far after over 100 pins. I also purchased Porter-Cable PN23Pp nail kit to qualify for free shipping. (the gun is pretty worthless without pins)

As stated in the Amazon reviews, once the safety is out of the way the gun is LIVE!. I was careful and this was not a problem. More expensive Pinners have a Tip interlock, (that I did not want for space concerns) or a double trigger. I will DEFINITELY NOT use this gun when there are others around causing a distraction. But overall I am not concerned with the live trigger during normal use.

The Tip and body fit nicely into the tight spaces of the lamps shades displayed in the project. The gun automatic adjusts forthe pins used by a slider switch on the side.

I will definitely be using this pinner around the shop, say pinning templates to pieces for flush routing, or pinning pieces together while gluing as the pin holes are almost impossible to see.

I am happy, I hope this review helps. I am happy to answer any question you have.