JG Eldelen - Full Mortise Chest Lock No. 130261 (Rating: 4)

I needed a lock for my recent William & Mary Prie Dieu build. Woodcraft of Atlanta came through for me with the JG Eldelen Full Mortise Chest Lock (Item No. 130261). Easily installed, very sturdy with smooth operation; a great little lock.

I did not use the strike plate in my installation, as I opted for a handmade angled wooden version. If you chose to use the strike plate, do so with care, as it is very thin and bends easily. The escutcheon looks really nice, especially with the William & Mary style. The escutcheon pins, however, are a bit long and will need some attention. I had to shorten mine by two-thirds, given that I installed the lock in the edge of 3/4 inch thick stock. The key is nice in that it has some heft to it … feels good in one's hand.

All in all, a great buy at $9.99. I will definitely be buying this lock, again!