Hart Tools - HART 2in. Hand Clamp w/ CinchTight™ Technology (Rating: 5)

The Hart Tools 2in hand clamps aren't like your grandpa's old spring clamps. They're easy to position, clamp down with up to 50 lbs of force, and release easy as you please.

I couldn't wait to try out these clamps. I didn't have any glue ups to do, but I did need to make some repetitive cuts with the miter saw. I grabbed a piece of scrap to use as a stop and clamped it in place against the fence on my miter saw bench. These clamps held the stop in place very well and released easily once I was done.

There's more to say about 'em, but as usual, that's over on my blog. Check out the full review on the Hart clamp and let me know what you think.

They're a great addition and I highly recommend them.

Thanks for reading!