Bessey - LM2.004 4" Mighty Mini Clamp (Rating: 5)

For a long while, I was using the small black and orange spring clamps for holding corner blocks in place, but since these blocks are somewhat load bearing in the application I use them for, I wanted something that would give me better clamping pressure without being too big or cumbersome.

These clamps fit the bill perfectly. They're small, lightweight, have excellent build quality, have good clamping force and they weren't too expensive. I got them from mcfeely's, who had the best shipped price I could find. By buying more than 5 at a time, I got a quantity discount, and with a coupon from a previous order I got even more off. I ended up paying about $4.64/clamp shipped.

These are quality clamps at a good price. They're still made in Germany too. Since I use 6 or more at a time, I bought 12, then 12 more, and by the time I'm finished adding them to my collection I'll probably add another 24.

One thing that did annoy me a bit (not enough to change the rating) was the barcode stickers on the handles. I removed them and they left a sticky residue that I had to clean off with alcohol, which also took off the barcode and labeling on the wooden handles. Not a big deal as it probably would have wore off anyway, but I wish the stickers were laced on the bar or jaws. I'm not sure if it was bessey or mcfeely's that did that with the labels, but it was annoying to remove them and then clean off the gook left over.