Grizzly - G 0462 wood lathe with digital readout (Rating: 4)

A review of the Grizzly G0462 lathe was provided to this website about 10 months ago. I am sure that the author provided an honest assessment of his experiences with this lathe. However, my experiences have been different and I am providing a review based on my experiences with the same lathe.

If you simply review the specifications and features, I think anyone would agree that this is a lot of lathe for the money. I paid $475 for this lathe and, at the time, Grizzly was offering free shipping. If one were to buy a lathe from a "main line" manufacturer with comparable specifications and features I believe you would have to pay at least 3 times as much. That makes it a great bargain if, and only if, it is acceptable with respect to performance and dependability. For me, so far, it is.

I was impressed when I opened up the sturdy wooden shipping box and saw how securely everything was bolted in place inside the box. I had to remove 18 bolts and 4 plates of steel to get all of the components out of the box. There was no shipping damage.

I have used this lathe a lot in the 3 months and I have owned it. It has been virtually trouble free and I am quite satisfied with the performance.

A key issue with this lathe is the drive belt. The lathe uses a Reeves system for speed control and these systems are hard on belts. I think the original belt is a little weak and inadequate. I replaced the original belt with a General Utility V-belt from the local hardware with the code, 3L240. The "3" means 3/8 of an inch wide, the "L" refers to style and the "240" means 24 inches long. Relative to the original belt, this belt is a little wider, a little stronger, and a wee bit shorter. It works great.

As the belt wears out and stretches the lowest possible speed on the lathe increases. With the original belt, I reached the point that my lowest possible speed was 800 rpm. With the new belt, the lowest possible speed is 500 rpm. I also find that this belt reduces vibration to an almost unnoticeable level. It is too early to say, but I expect this belt to hold up much better than the original belt. Nonetheless, belt replacement will always be a part of routine maintenance if you have a Reeves speed control system.

Of course, most vibration on a lathe comes from large, out of balance, pieces of wood. I recently turned a heavy piece of Queens Wood that measured 6" x 6" x 14". Before starting the lathe, I positioned the piece such that it was in virtually perfect balance. This lathe handled that piece well. I highly recommend that you bolt this lathe to the floor, especially if you are going to be turning some larger pieces.

Previously I used my old Shopsmith as my lathe. I really appreciate the additional weight and the additional power of this lathe. That 2 hp motor really makes a difference.

I have heard it said that the headstock and the tailstock are not in alignment. That is easily remedied. You should check alignment whenever you move the headstock. If it is out of alignment, it is a simple matter to release the headstock lock, align the headstock and retighten the headstock lock.

I'm always amazed and impressed by the simplicity of engineering in a Grizzly tool. Simplicity is a virtue. I can't envision ever taking this lathe to a repair shop because everything is so easy to repair or replace and, of course, Grizzly customer service is great.

I know there are more expensive lathes and fancier lathes. This is perfectly adequate for me and you really cannot beat the price. It gets 4 stars from me and would have gotten 5 if the original belt was as good as the replacement I bought.