Porter-Cable - 10" Job Site Saw PCB220 (Rating: 5)

This is my first table saw. I picked it up at my local Lowes a about 2 months ago now. My impressions after a few projects with it-

Assembly & Set-Up
Putting it together out of the box was a fairly straightforward affair. The saw came set square and true according to my checks. That being said, I'm not a micrometer-wielding woodworker. But it's been fine for what I've done thus far.

It cuts well. The supplied blade seems pretty decent. I have noticed (as I read somewhere on LJ) that the handle for the fence can hit a piece of stock if you have the stock sticking past it when adjusting for a cut. Not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance.

The supplied miter gauge seems good, though I haven't used it since I made my sled.

The expanding table allowed me to make a simple drop-in section for my router so I could benefit from the fence.

The stand is solid. Ripping full-size sheets of plywood with one person is a bit much for it, but that would be the case with any portable saw I would think.

Overall, I'm thrilled to have a table saw and this one meets my needs for a fair price. It is easy to set up and take down in my garage shop. (Which is a must for me.)

I am sure there are fancier and better saws out there, but for a weekend woodworker like me, I'd recommend it to others without hesitation.

Edit (26 Dec 2012) I may be onto a fix for the lack of a zero-clearance insert. See here.