Other - Sugatsune NSDX-20 Lapcon Adjustable Soft-Down Lid Stay (Rating: 5)

I forgot to take a photo of this hinge installed in a cedar chest before I gave it to it's intended recipient. This is a stock photo.

This is a well engineered solution when you want a hinge that will hold the lid open and you want a soft close. It comes with directions for a 70 and 105 degree openings, but you can adjust for other size openings with trial and error or good math skills.

I followed advice from the forum and used a piano hinge coupled with two of these. I had trim around the too interior of the chest, so I couldn't use one that required attachment to 3/4" stock.

A number of similar items I saw n the web looked cheap. I don't have any idea of how long this will last, but it looks like a really well built piece of hardware. Highly recommend.