Jorgensen - "Pony" 66150 15" Hand Saw (Rating: 4)

Just a couple of days ago I purchased this "Pony" 15" Hand Saw and WOW what a saw. I recently embarked on a journey to learn how to use hand tools. This lead to the decision to attempt to do some resawing by hand. I started off using a Stanley 726 carpenter's saw. That did not work out. Wrong kind of saw. So, while I was out the other day I stopped by my local Woodcraft and spoke with a salesman about what I was doing. He reccommended this hand saw. I'm glad he did. I was able to get the saw at a 10% discount so it ended up costing a little over $13 including tax.

This saw performed beyond my expectations. I was able to finsinh resawing my boards in much less time than I thought. Because of the way the teeth are made the saw has a very aggresive cut. It allowed me to remove alot of material very quickly. I was thoroughly impressed. The grip was comfortable for my smaller than average hand. The saw blade itself seems to be impregnated with a material that allows it to move smoothly through the material. The handle also has markings for 90 and 45 degrees so you can use the blade as a straight edge for layout work.

Here is a picture of the material that was resawn to a rough thickness of 1/2";

Wood Automotive exterior Flooring Composite material Engineering

I give this tool 4 stars and would reccommend this saw if you don't have it already.

Thanks for reading this review. I look forward to you questions and comments.