DeWalt - Flashlight (Rating: 5)

I have 4 other 18 volt Dewalt cordless tools with 4 batteries and 2 chargers. The batteries are all interchangeable so I almost always have charged batteries on hand. My local tool store had these "bare" flashlights on sale for about $20 and I said "why not?". By "bare" I mean without battery or charger.

This flashlight has proven to be a great tool that I didn't know I needed until I got one. There are often situations where some extra directed light is very helpful. I don't know the specifications regarding the amount of light it puts out but it is bright, I never worry about battery life and I can put the light virtually wherever I need it thanks to the flexible "hose".

If you look, you will see that this flashlight has many smudges on it. That's because it gets used a lot. Recently, I discovered that some extra light is very helpful when setting the depth for a router when cutting dovetails. It's also great for finding the arbor nut you dropped down into your TS when changing blades. Extra light is also valuable on your bandsaw, router table and lathe.

If you already have a Dewalt 18 volt battery and charger this is a great flashlight at a very reasonable price - even if it is not on sale. If you don't already have a battery and charger this would be a relatively expensive purchase. There may be other options available.