Howard Leight - 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff (Rating: 5)

This is my first review and most all my tools already have a ton of reviews already, so i thought i would review my earmuffs. These things were only $23 on amazon and plug right up with my iphone. The sound quality is outstanding and the ear protection is great as well. With machines running and volume only half to 3/4 the way on, I could easily hear the music i was listening to. Most will probably not even need it turned up that high. I am already starting to loose my hearing, so I probably need it higher than most. They fit well. They are very warm…You will get the ear sweat. Definitely need to give the ears a breathers occasionally. They seem to still work great for listening with one ear pull back at a time to give rest.