David Barron Tools - Dovetail Guides (Rating: 5)

I bought one of these magnetic dovetail guides from David Barron after unsuccessfully trying freehand myself and am astounded by the results on my first try using the guide with my budget zona gent's saw.

I ordered the guide by e-mail in the evening, David posted the guide the next day and the day after the guide arrived on my doorstep. It was very well packaged and is solidly built. It even came with spare replacement covers for the magnets and a packet of haribo sweets too!

The guide is incredibly easy to use, you simply mark out along the top of your piece where you want the tails to go, move the guide up and saw away.
What really impressed me was when it came to cutting the pins. By aligning the side of the saw teeth with the knife line I got a perfect fit the first time tapping the joint together - I didn't have to pare away the walls of the joint with a chisel which is something I found very hard cutting the joint freehand.

A lot of people see these kinds of jigs as a crutch for learning how to saw properly, I see things differently. If I simply want to make a project and want it to look good first time then I can use this jig. If I'm making a project where it doesn't have to look perfect and have a bit more time then I'll cut them freehand as practise.

However you feel about the use of jigs like this, the dovetail guide works exactly how it is supposed to and is well worth the money!