Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades - 3 blade pack (Rating: 5)

This isn't a blade review, but I've bought several and been pleased with all of them. (I recommend the 3-pack for the price and versatility - one for curves, one for rip and one for reswaw for less than $100.) Will continue to buy from them, especially now. Not long ago I ordered a replacement 3/4" and I could not get the thing to stop wobbling at least 1/4 inch back and forth. Messed with every adjustment imaginable and nothing worked. I thought maybe I even screwed up the top wheel alignment. Then I put on one of my other, smaller TW blades to see what would happen and it worked perfectly. Tried another and it worked fine. After going online too see if anyone ever had similar problems, it seems that either the weld on the 3/4 blade was bad or it may have been slightly longer than what I needed (I've got a Grizzly 17", which takes odd-sized blades.)

Contacted TW and they're sending another for free, don't have to send the bad one back. Just wanted to spread the word, if you didn't already know, that they make quality blades and that if they send out a dud they'll set it straight.

Don't know what I'll do with the bad blade. Guess I can make 10,000 dovetail marking knives.