WoodRiver - V3 Replacement Blades (Rating: 5)

I build a lot of handplanes and when I was looking for an inexpensive high quality blade set I.came across there blades. Woodcraft's house brand, they offer blades for the #3 (153917 $15.99), #4&5 (153918 $16.98) and the #6/7 (153919 $20.99). After using the V3 handplanes extensively, I was familiar with how well the blades preformed. They are ground at 25 degrees and require honing out of the packaging but the hold an edge well and are very flat. At almost an eighth of an inch thick, they are heavy-duty and can take a lot of abuse with minimal chatter. When paired with a heavy chip breaker (I use the Hock) you now have a great blade set that can be used in a plane project or can be a cost effective way to upgrade an old bench plane.