CMT Tools - CMT 10" 40 Tooth General Purpose Full Kerf Saw Blade - 213.040.10 (Rating: 5)

It came time in my shop when I realized my old porter cable blade was cutting it (literally at times!) any longer.
I was going to buy a frued but I could not resist the urge to try out this CMT.
The only complaint I have with this blade is the packaging. The blade is screwed into the case and even when the screw is out you still have to all about break the case to get the blade out. Its NOT easy.
Upon putting in the saw I fired it up right away. Call me cliche but this blade SOUNDS great! It whines off power and almost sings to you. The package says the blade is noise dampening but I have not noticed it being any quieter. But who would want it to be when it sounds the way it does!
My first test cut was on the densest thing I had around. 8/4 purple heart.
This blade PREFORMS! No burning, no fraying of the edge, no nothing. Like a knife through butter. I have been working heavily with this blade all week preparing for this weekends sales and It still cuts like the day I got it.
I would recommend this blade to anyone.
I will continue to use CMT blades from now on and I am also looking into there router bits.
Go get yourself a CMT.