Diamond - Sterling 3/8"x.032"x3TPI X-tra Duty Carbon Blade (Rating: 5)

After Reading MBS' review I ordered the same blade. It arrived today while I was at work. Very well packaged and in good shape.

After dinner, I went out to the shop and installed on my newer Craftsman 12" 89 1/2" blade (Similar to the Rikon). It is a great saw. After about 15 minutes of setup it was ready to go. Blade is noticeably quieter than the Timber Wolf blades I have been using. I followed the instructions and used a slower rate to break the blade in. The I was off. I had a fair amount of firewood and logs from my in-laws place. I jointed one side flat and started to cut 1" boards in 6" and 4" Oak and Maple. About 50 feet all together, I got started and just could not stop. It took no time at all to make the cuts, they were smooth and the blade did not drift at all (used the standard fence). So, I think it was worth the $18.25 plus shipping. Next time I will ordered more than one to cut down on the shipping cost.