Wilton - WMH63218 79A Pivot Jaw Woodworkers Vice (Rating: 5)

I have several mechanics vices around my shop in various sizes but have always relied on clamps for woodworking projects. Tireing of this practice, I decided to look at woodworkers vices. I don't use a true woodworker's type workbench and rely on my table saw outfeed table as a general work area, so I wanted to mount the wood vice in the end of that table.

After some internet research I decided on the Wilton 79A Pivot Jaw vice and ordered one on-line from Tyler Tool. The vice was shipped from CPO Commerce and arrived at my location the next day, packaged well with no damage.

This is a heavy vice and my table was constructed out of simple plywood and construction framing so the first thing I had to do was reinforce the table and thicken up the top in the area of the vice. I then mortised out a portion of the edge of the table so the fixed jaw of the vice would be flush.

All of these wood vices mount differently so it would be advisable to select you vice first and design your workbench around it.

I made wood jaws out of some hard maple I had in the shop. My jaws are 16" wide and will open to 10" with the pivot jaw installed.

Wilton makes a number of versions of wood vices. This model has "Rapid Action" so once you loosen the screw a couple of turns you can slide the vice open and closed without turning the handle. It also has a pivot jaw to allow tightening on a workpiece that is not parallel on both edges. The pivot jaw can be easily removed making it a fixed jaw vice. The hole spacing for the auxiliary (wood) jaws match on both the fixed and pivot jaw plate so your auxiliary jaw can be easily moved between the vice jaws. The pivot jaw also moves vertically 9/16" to act as a full-width dog for those who use the vice in a clamping action. For my use, the verdict is still out as to the usefulness of the pivot jaw.

The vice is heavy duty and works smoothly.