Delta - 50-273 Mobile Base for Unisaw and Heavy Duty Shapers (Rating: 5)

Here you will see a 32 degree angled mobile stand to help with cross cutting large panels.
Just kidding :) Just me wiggling it into place.
For longest time, I used a mini pallet jack and DIY stands for my Powermatic 66 and Unisaw. With the PM66 off to a better home, only the Unisaw remains with me. I never liked the saw being raised 4-5" higher due to the DIY stand but put up with it, til now. With upcoming outfeed assembly table, I wanted the saw as low as possible. Way too many rickety and ultra spendy mobile stands. I tried to go back to where I bought my 2 other mobile carts from Loma Tools, but looks like they are MIA. I loved those mobile stands. I came across this mobile stand which is nearly identical to the Loma Tools (or maybe Loma Tools cloned from Delta stands…dunoo). The cross members on this Delta mobile stand are welded, instead of bolted, is the only difference I can see.
My Unisaw fits snuggly inside the frame…maybe 1/8" slack. Perfect! Well made, considering from Delta nowadays.
Easy to move the saw which is what this mobile stand is suppose to do. I'm happy.