Gramercy - Holdfast (Rating: 5)

I have to add my two cents about these holdfasts. They are awesome, in short.
I use them in my 3" thick workbench top. I did take some sandpaper and rough up the part that drops into the dog holes, because I had a tiny bit of problem with them popping loose at the very beginning. I think this may also be due to the fact that I had just wiped everything down with bioled linseed oil, including the dog holes, so it was probably just too slick.

They are sturdy, lock into place with one wack, pop loose just as easily with another wack, and look great to boot. I glued a little bit of leather on the faces of them, and have never had any trouble with marring my wood, even pine and soft stuff. Well worth the roughly $37 shipped to your door.