Lee Valley - Ratchet Clamps, set of 10 - Limited Quantity (Rating: 5)

I received an email flyer a week or so ago stating there was a box of ratchet clamps in limited quantities for $39.00 at Lee Valley.

Yesterday I stopped by the store and bought a box of them.

While waiting for the clerk to bring them out so I could see the product, I looked at a Pony ratchet clamp on display and was amazed that the clamps in the box he brought were almost identical.

The only difference is the ratcheting mechanism, the import brand has a notched metal bar that keeps the clamps secure with a locking tab, while the Pony brand uses a system like silicone guns, a square bar with a metal piece angled to keep the tension secure. Maybe that explains it… the import ones are better.

The size, color, black pads, handles, everything except the ratcheting system are identical.

This is a great price for light/medium duty ratchet clamps, and at this price you couldn't buy 5 of the medium size shown of the Pony brand.

Many times the imports / copies of a product are of lesser quality, in this case, I think it is an improvement on the Pony.