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got this in a email today ... GRAPHIC

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Not funny is right. I'll bet he won't try that again. How stupid.
OMG, that was pretty bad….............. How scary, my mouth is still wide open…......
That reminds me…did I leave the grill on?
Well, he wont do that again.
He learned a valuable lesson about electricity today.
I especially like how everyone runs away and watched him burn afterwords. No heros in that crowd. LOL
When I am down in Brazil there are warnings not to fly kites near power lines. Kids &* teens are often killed this way. They make small kites and put very long tails on them. The lines are filled with these kites in places.
What was he thinking?!

He was thinking he wanted to get a free ride and not get off the top of the train like he was asked.
I always knew that electricity bites
should have switched to 220
A few weeks ago I sent this to my friend who worked for Siemens.

He has sent me a pic of a guy that was careless, like this guy (who was really drunk), and he looked like an overcooked bratwurst.

This stuff is nothing to fool around with.

I could have gone all year without see that! But I did watch the whole thing.
I watched this three times, did he touch the wire TWICE?! What a nitwit!!
This was the end of him I'm guessing, right?
Was that the conductor asking for the ticket? Well he got his ticket punch. This reminds me of another nitwit who was at a petro station washing the tar off his car with the gas hose. He would dispense a few drop on a rag and wash the tar off his Mercedes Benz and return and clean return and clean and then final he decided it was time for a smoke brake and whoosh. I still til this day can see that vapor trail….nothing amazing me anymore…Blkcherry
No doubt there were hundreds of commuters who would gladly have pushed him into the wires, just to get the train moving.

I say this based on an experience I had, where a guy outside of Sacramento was on the highway, in his car, threatening to shoot himself. The CHP had the highway closed. I was on my way to the airport to pick up my roommate; the rest of the city was on its way to a Kings game at the Arco Arena (check a map. You'll see what I mean). The SOB finally shot himself after 5 hours. Flights were leaving with no one on board, and the refs at the game had to get permission from the NBA to start late, since no one was there at tipoff time. Any of us would've gladly shot him.
that happened in china a few weeks ago…some guy was on a bridge threatening to jump and holding up traffic for a while…some guy walked past the barriers and pushed him off.
Dan, it's weird, but I knew it was going to happen as soon as the video started. I know stupid people with wires at arms length I guess.
The things that pass for entertainment. I don't know what is to be considered worse, watching it, forwarding it to another, or having this this emailed to me becasue someone thought I may enjoy it.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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