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Got some plane parts and planes that need a new home.

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Some how these photos got messed up and out of order. So I'll give it my best shot .

This is a Stanley #6 type 17, '42-'45. I'm asking $75 for this one. I've put a really good edge on the iron and mated the chip breaker really well.
Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Bumper

Grey Rectangle Wood Composite material Tints and shades

This is a Stanely #4. I've put a lot of work into this one and asking $75 for this one.
Hood Wood Bumper Automotive design Automotive exterior

Rectangle Automotive exterior Wood Bumper Composite material

Wood Rectangle Automotive exterior Flooring Bumper

These are #5 soles. The smooth one has a crack at the mouth of the sole. Some knucklehead drilled a hole in the heel of the sole. Just make me an offer and pay shipping or they go to recycle.
Wood Tool Bumper Hardwood Rectangle

Wood Rectangle Bumper Flooring Hardwood

Automotive tire Grille Bumper Asphalt Road surface

These are the parts I have. Take any or all. Once again make me a fair offer and pay shipping.
Bottle Wood Liquid Font Musical instrument

This is a #7 type 17, '42-'45. I'm asking $85 and shipping.
Smoothing plane Plane Scrub plane Rebate plane Wood

Wood Bumper Flooring Floor Automotive exterior

Wood Wood stain Gas Hardwood Rectangle

If anyone wants more photos let me know. I might have a few more parts to list later.

My Best,


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I've decided to offer a couple of #5's with corrugated soles. I have never liked corrugated soles and this last week only confirms why I need to unload these. Pm if your interested.
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