Gorilla - Tape (Rating: 5)


I know gorilla tape has been reviewed before but I thought I'd give it another. I want to share my experience with clamping.

I have used all kinds of tape to get the job done. Painters, masking, packing and duct. All of them had some uses but for the purposes of clamping they all had failure points. I'll discuss those and give my impressions of gorilla tape.

Stickiness: most tapes had some immediate failures especially when there were trace amounts of dust or moisture. Gorilla tape stayed exactly where I put it with a strong hold. A lot of the tapes started to loose tack after a while. The gorilla tape bond got stronger. Once I got the tape where I wanted it, It stayed. 5 stars.

Strength: here is what really impressed me. I could pull the tape for all I was worth without tearing or diminishing the tackiness. 5 stars.

Stretch: I don't want any stretch. When I pull in the opposite direction with another clamp set, I don't want the original to stretch. 4 stars but still the best I have used.

Reuse and resets. Reuse is pretty much out of the question although I did use some old pieces to just hold some pieces in place while I clamped another section. The rest was good. I made small adjustments here and there. The bond is still strong after the first reset. After that the first reset, the bond started to diminish. I wasted about 2 feet out of about 12. 4 stars.

Removal and residue. The tape comes off cleanly with very little residue. The only visible residue was left where the tape met with squeeze out. 4.5 stars.

I'm keeping a roll around for more projects.

Keifer recommend surgical tape. I'm going to try it. I'd really like to see 5 stars on the stretchiness factor and bond combination even if it involves residue cleanup.