Gorilla Gripper - Contractor (Rating: 5)

I forget where I picked this up but wow… I should of used it much earlier than remembering only today it was somewhere in my black hole pile of goodies. This product EASILY makes lifting and moving 4'x8' sheet goods a breeze. There are 3 versions:
Gorilla Gripper 'GP' .. 0 to 3/4" (0 to 21mm)
Gorilla Gripper 'Contractor' .. 3/8" to 1-1/8" (9 to 29mm)
Gorilla 'Door' Gripper .. 1-1/4" to 2" (31 to 52mm)
If you use sheet goods, this is a must have. I picked up 3 4'x8' 3/4 plywood, 3/4" 4'x8' MDF, 1/2" 4'x8' MDF this Saturday and it was no hassle what so ever moving these sheets from my pickup into the garage. I actually should of brought it with me to HD to put on those lumber carts easily. I have not tried this "Contractor" model on any sized drywall (there are concerns this model does not work too great on 1/2" drywall) only wood and MDF sheets.
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Gorilla Clamp in action, sort of :)