Ridgid - Magswitch Featherboard AC1001 (Rating: 5)

I've probably waited much longer than I should have to purchase a featherboard setup for my table saw. Reading more into the magnetic featherboards and some of their reviews, I knew this would be the most versatile option instead of those that function using the miter track. I stumbled upon the Ridgid one online and read many positive reviews about it. The price point was also attractive relative to other brands that were selling for $50+ for what seemed to be the same basic concept.

The goal of this tool is pretty simple and straight forward, keep stock snugly against the table saw fence. I realize there are other applications outside of exclusive use on the table saw, but this is what I've primarily used it for and what I'm basing my assessment on. Simply put, the featherboard is easy to use (just turn a knob to engage the magnets). The magnets hold firmly in place. I'll admit, it's possible to move the featherboard with some pretty strong pressure when the magnets are engaged, but I wouldn't expect it to hold under all circumstances. My stress test gave me all the confidence that this will perform as expected and give plenty of holding force against stock.