BORA - 6 Level Storage Rack (Rating: 4)

Bora wall mounted lumber metal storage rack (~$50)
6 Levels, each level has 110-lb. (50 kg) weight capacity
41"- height
12.5" - shelf depth
Up to 72" width
Powder-coated 1" steel tube construction

Compact, narrow storage rack that works well on a garage side wall

I installed this unit on the wall of the garage. Installation was straight forward. The vertical supports are screwed into 2×4 studs and the horizontal supports are inserted into the appropriate slots. The instructions are easy to follow, but read through them first. As I recall, the support brackets are installed before the support is mounted to the wall. The support brackets are not adjustable.

Initially, I was disappointed with the narrow shelves, but soon realized that it still can hold 5 4/4 boards per level. That is 30 boards that are 12" wide, or roughly 200 BF for 6-8' boards, which is quite a lot of wood and might even be a bit heavier than the unit is rated for. One nice feature is the lack of a diagonal brace on the support brackets.

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Since our garage ceiling is 9' tall I was able to mount the rack high enough to get sheets of plywood under the supports.

With 6 levels, I can store lumber by species, planed, or un-planed, or however I would like to sort it out. That eliminates the need to dig through a big stack of lumber to get to the piece on the bottom.

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A downside is the narrowness of the supports. Storing 2 pieces of lumber side by side on the supports without having one hang off requires a lot of fussing to get things to fit. Another inch or so would make a big difference. Having a larger size would also mean increasing the weight rating with larger tubing (1-1/2"?) with thicker walls.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the storage space and the cost of the system.