DeWalt - DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle (Rating: 4)

Okay guys, not sure on protocol here, but I searched on here on the subject before I bought these and didn't really find any useful info. There was a post from someone who bought some expensive motorized safety glasses made for paintball users, but that was a bit more than I wanted to go for. Anyway, I got these today, and played with them a bit, and than posted this review on Amazon, so I'm re-posting it here for anyone that wants to make comment, or find if they are looking for the same info I was last week. It is my review though, I hope quoting a amazon review is not politically incorrect and fatal.

I got these today and played with them a bit. They were not exactly what I was hoping for, but for the money it not a bad purchase and they definitely are a welcome addition to my shop.

First off, a few negatives.

On first trying them on the strap was way too tight, so i loosened it to a manageable level which let the heavy plastic shield flex to it's natural shape. I'm a average size Caucasian guy and these appear to be designed for people with slightly larger heads or flatter faces. There is a very slight gap where they fit along the bottom over my cheeks and where they meet my nose. For my purposes, and because of other things I am about to get into this is not a really large issue, they will still work fine for me. I also suspect that in time the straps will pull and conform the faceplate into shape where they will fit better. However, if I were a petite gal, these things wouldn't ever work at right all, to get them to fit decently around the eyes you'd have to tighten the straps up real tight, and that would give you a headache in short order. Dewalt really should consider making these in sizes.

Next negative, or positive depending on your viewpoint, is the ventilation "feature". They have a series of holes along the top and bottom of the glasses just behind the heavy plastic shield to prevent them from fogging. They seem to work. I wore them in my shop for many minutes and saw no fogging, but it was a nice cool night. Now in a 120 degree attic during august I'm sure they will fog, but you have to consider the environment. This is the main reason I bought these, cause the cheapo safety glasses I have fog up in about 2 minutes even in winter. Across the top the shield covers the holes from anything that could drop into your eyes, but the ventilation holes are fairly substantial. Here you have to consider your purposes, If your drilling a hole overhead in wood, or operating most machinery/tools there should be no problem, but if your working in a dusty environment where you want to protect from airborne dust and contaminants these will not work worth a damn. Frankly, I would not buy these period if the purpose is for working in attics.

Glasses, I used to wear my glasses all the time, but over time my eyes have changed and for close work I see better without mine. Many say these work fine with their glasses, but I checked and they will not work with my glasses. I do wear larger glasses than most people though, the fashion trend went a few years ago to tiny granny glasses, but I refused to comply with fashion. YMMV on using these with glasses.

The positives are simple.

They are fairly comfortable, if a bit loose,
The shield is substantial.
They are inexpensive at in my case about $10 shipped.

Overall, if you need something like this I say buy it. Great for carpenters using nail guns, never know where those little bits of plastic from nail drivers go. Should be good for woodworkers as well, if you have fine dust problems in your wood shop that affects your eyes, well, doesn't matter, you will be dead in a couple months anyway due to lung problems. I noticed that there are dark shields for welders, well I'm not a welder so will reserve judgement, but should be fine.

I would not recommend these for dusty or liquid environments. If your spraying chemicals, or working in attics or other hazardous areas, find another product. I also will not recommend these for the average female.