Fox Chapel Publishing - New Masters Of The Wooden Box by Oscar Fitzgerald (Rating: 5)

Nov 30/09

If you've ever thought, "If you've seen one box, you've seen them all", then think again!

This book takes boxes to a whole new level. On one hand you have some extraordinary pieces of art in for the form of boxes (and more) and on the other hand it begins by taking you on a journey of man's evolution and the search for enlightenment.

It is said that what makes us human is the ability to envision the possibilities. The craftsmen behind the boxes in this book have indeed envisioned and created "out of the box" possibilities. Now don't think that it is just our modern man who has developed the artist flare for creating non-box boxes. Some of the pieces shown in this book are from 1400-1500 BC!

This book is not just about the boxes. In the first section of the book, the author walks us through our history, showing us how we used boxes, depending on the needs and beliefs of the day as well as tools and resources that were available at the time. The rest of the book is dedicated to particular artists, giving us a look at their creative works and a look behind the products and the artists themselves.

If you are interested in stretching your mind and your woodworking "out of the box" then this book is for you. Not only are the boxes themselves inspiring but the information provided is also filled with tidbits of ideas. Some of the work will make you go, "Huh? How did they do that?" And some will get you saying, "Huh? How did they come up with that idea?" And some will just have you saying, "Huh?" Regardless of your initial response you will definitely be intrigued and inspired, and perhaps you will find yourself heading out to the shop in search of that enlightenment to create a box that is outside the box!