Eagle America - 1/4 slot cutter (Rating: 5)

I purchased this bit to speed up and simplify my box making. To install the lid and base it calls for a 1/4 inch groove around the top and bottom of all sides. Instead of fiddling with the table saw and instead of taking the time to install a dado head I figured it seemed reasonable to have a router with this bit dedicated.
This is my first experience with Eagle America and it wont be my last. The shipping was incredible. I only got the standard shipping and I ordered it on Wednesday of last week and I received it today! Talk about good shipping service!
The cutter head came nicely package. The knives had the proper coating (cant remember what its called at the moment) Like you would expect for highend items.
The cutterhead is gorgeous I have to admit. The edges were sharp enough for a skilled man to shave with and the paint job I far nicer then any Freud bit I have. I put on the shank and swooped it right up into a router and into the table it went. First I used a mock up box side. One in Oak and one in 3/4 ply wood. Flawless cuts. No burning or tearout whatsoever on the plywood.
I was also able to toungs with this bit with only a little adjusting on height. This is now my go to bit for grooves and door assemblies.

Very impressed with Eagle America! I will definitely order from them again and I would recommend there bits to any of you!