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desert ironwood

Guys i'v seen this timber on ebay its called desert ironwood and i was wondering if anyone has heard of this wood before the price is £25 buynow and is 8.5mmX44mmX126.5 in size and is book matched already

advice please

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Wow! way over priced.
It's one of those desert trees that can only be harvested after it dies but …that's way too much.
Mexico is filled with merchants selling finished peices and raw mateiral.
If you get stuck on it I have a buddy in the Big M.

Thanks Mate i might take you up on that im looking at making a new knife for myself and i liked the look of this wood but never heard of it before thing is exotic timber is so hard to find cheaply as we'r all finding it hard money wise but i will keep looking i dont want to go to the main dealers as they are way out of my price range my friend

Andy: I traded a bunch of wood to a man in Arizona for a big box of Dessert Ironwood. Ms Debbie posted a pen made out of a piece I sent here. The wood is beautiful Let me know what size you are looking for I might have it here.
Karson i can't ask you to give me more timber you have been more than generous already with the pen blanks ( getting new lathe next month ) but if i get stuck i will buy some off you ok and pay for shipping

Thank you my friend
Even with postage it wood be cheaper to buy it o/s and have it sent. cheaper than buying it over there,.
I recon postage from Aussie would only be under 10 pounds. even cheaper from the states I think.
Well at least let me know the size, to know if I'm in the running. If it just a knife scale it can't be too big.
Here's the postage to Great Britain .
I would use priority mail as it seems to work pretty well here.

Sizes: 8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8"
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LOL Karson your always in the running my good friend i will pm you if i would like some but please let me pay you this time ok

BOB…... thanks for the site it gives me a heads up on carriage

About ironwood. I've made many fantastic pens from ironwood but only got about one of every three attempts because it is very flaky so my advice is to get at least twice as much as you need. I was told that President Carter put an end to harvesting or even picking up a piece of ironwood off the ground in Arizona. If so, that pretty much leaves Mexico as the primary source.
Notottoman were are you in south africa i lived there for nine years and i still call it home a little Afrikaans town called ALLDAYS

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