DeWalt - D51276K: 1" to 2-1/2" 15 Ga Finish nailer (Rating: 4)

I had a craftsman nailer/stapler combo that did a decent job but would smash the wood sometimes with the square headed 16GA nails. I have some new woodwork that wasn't going to work well with those nails so I was looking for a new one. I found this one and the "DA" nails (rounded head rather than square head) and it looked like it would do the trick. I picked it up at the local Lowe's for $189.99. I didn't do much investigation because all the brands looked the same with the same specs which lead me to believe that other than the color of piston chamber these looked like they were the same nailer. So because I like yellow;) I went for the DeWalt.

I got it home and tried it out and it works GREAT! I'd rate this 5 stars except for the fact that I've only put in about 30 nails in practice boards but the angled head is nice, the nail heads are nice and most importantly it doesn't destroy the hole when i have the pressure setting too high:D

Oh, it also came with a pair of safety glasses, some extra parts, the typical DeWalt case, and 1000nails 2in long. Fit and finish are good.

The only thing I've seen that is iffy is the size of the safety shoe. It looks like it could be a bit big and get in the way but maybe it'll be fine;)

Here's the website right to the tool :

Tommorrow is install day, I can't wait to really give it a workout!