WorkSharp - WS2000 (Rating: 3)

I won't go into extensive review on this tool as JC did an extended video review of the WS2000 here.

It came with 80 and 220 grit slotted discs which are good for medium duty grinding. I tried using the 80 grit solid wheel with the tool guide (coming up from underneath) and although it gave an accurate angle, it was more like grinding with 40 grit. Going to 220, it couldn't get the grind marks out of the face of the bevel. I eneded up with a polished face with circular marks in it! I'm glad I only paid about $1 for it through CL.

The spring holding down the tool guide provides good pressure, but it bent easily while exploring and now it doesn't hold down squat.

The fence is also weak, you're better off using your finger (careful of the spinning disc). I took it and the hold down off.

I'll use the slotted discs to ensure flatness of bevel and the solid discs for honing the backs, but I'll stick to the scary sharp method for fine tuning and polishing.

It will help me get back to my projects more quickly though! Good investment for the money (It was on sale!).