Harbor Freight - Chicago Electric 3/8'' Variable Speed Reversible Drill (Rating: 3)

OK here are most of the features of this drill:
-Smooth-running ball-bearing motor is designed for a long service life
-Variable speed: 0-3000 RPM
-Keyless chuck
-Built-in level
-Heat treated gears
-120V, 3.1 amps
-Chuck capacity: 3/64'' to 3/8''
-Belt clip
-Overall dimensions: 9-1/2'' L x 2-1/2'' W x 7'' H
-Weight: 3.3 lbs.

The Pro's: Whats bolded above and the price. These are going for $12.99 online and I believe they are $14.99 in store. For that price they are easy to keep around and kick around. I use one to countersink or drill a pilot hole and the other to sink the screw. Two drills for half the price of one.

The Con's: I own 2 of these and bought them at separate occasions. When I bought the second one I had to return it twice. The first time for an off balance shaft and second for a chuck that was stuck all the way open. Before I left the store the 3rd time I opened the box and plugged it in; it was fine. The first one was fine but the second caused frustration. So it is hit and miss. I docked a star for this reason. I will say that when returned they simply had me pull another one off the shelf and it was done. I think it is worth docking another star or power (3.1 amps). While not gutless at all, it is just not that powerful as a name brand. It has no problem drilling a 1/2" hole or using 1" spade bits but it bogs when driving a 3" screw.

Overall it is hard to beat because of the price. If you just need an extra drill around for cheap go for it. They run good, chuck claps down well around bits, fair amount of power, and a few small features that make it likable. On the other hand, you might want to check before you leave the parking lot (if not the store) to make sure it is in working order. Perhaps buying online is a bad idea.