Central Machinery - Model 60238 - 8" Drill Press (Rating: 4)

If your on a budget then this is the press for you here are some pros and cons…

1. Light is a great feature especially when trying to position a brad point on your workpiece
2 Small enough to fit under a bench at 23" high
3 Cast iron base and shelf makes it extremely sturdy but a con appears when trying to move and position the 6×6"
shelf it's very heavy
4. Overall I like it

1. Hard to position wood on shelf as its too small( that's why I built a table for it)
2. It's only 5 speed
3. It's only 8" which it can drill a hole 4" into a 8" circle.. I think they'd what it means…
4. There is no laser guide.. I really wish it had this..

Overall this drill press is adequate and will do everything it needs to do… It drills straight and I can do a host of work that I couldn't do before…