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Good Deal on a 19" Grizzly Band Saw?

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Hey guys,

I saw this deal on CL and was wondering what y'all were thinking. The seller says this thing has barely been used and was purchased about 3 years ago. Looks like about dead-on half price. Not a stellar deal or a gloat by any means, but do y'all think this is worth it. I need a bandsaw that can do it all including resawing and some minor milling processes.

Grizzly Bandsaw

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I'd at least want to see a picture of the actual bandsaw!
Generally, I think used tools should be 1/3 to 3/4 the price of new depending on condition. Based on my rule of thumb, this looks to be a good deal if, in fact, it has only been barely used.
A and C,

I think I agree. I feel that often times we all claim that any used tool should be NO MORE THAN HALF PRICE EVER!! In reality, a great condition used tool for 60% of purchase price doesn't seem like too bad of a deal to me. I don't have to deal with shipping or anything like that. I just go and look at it and buy it and put it in the truck. I have had some gloats, but most were free gifts. I paid good money for my unisaw and I have never regretted it.
I think that is a good price IF it is the Extreme model and is in as good a shape as advertised. No shipping cost and no sales tax makes it attractive to buy used. The down side is no warranty.
Not a bad deal.

If you have not been spoiled by older and heavier saws you'll love it.

Three hp is a big plus

It adjusts quickly and easily, and holds settings fairly well

Dust collection is good

Switch and trunnion are a little cheesy but they gotta cut corners somewhere to make the price attractive.

Cast iron table is a little on the thin side as well.

All in all its not a bad saw for the money! Nothing new I know of that can compete with it in that price range.

BTW I owned that saw for several years. No lasting impressions.

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