Norm Abram - Updated router cabinet (Rating: 4)

Last year I bought Norm's plans for his updated router cabinet and built it recently. Overall, it is a very nice cabinet, but there are a couple of small things I don't think are right, or could be tweaked. You may want to keep them in mind when/if you use his plans. For one, the plans say to drill a 2" hole in the back of the cabinet for a 2" PVC exhaust pipe. You need a 2 3/8" hole for 2" pipe. Unfortunately, when I saw the mistake on the hole size it did not register to also cut the 1/2" plywood dust-funneling boards inside the cabinet to 2 3/8" high instead of the 2" on the plans. The second mistake is to make the 3 larger, storage drawers as per the plans. The plans call for the drawers to be 18" deep, but the smaller drawers above them are 22". I had enough plywood left over to re-cut materials for the largest drawer, making it 22" deep. The other two could also be 22" deep. Another issue that frustrated me was the lack of a diagram for cutting the thinner plywood, especially the 1/2". The 3/4" plywood pieces are all laid out on the 4×8 sheet from which you cut them; easy as pie. However, when you go to cut up all the little pieces of 1/2" the directions are all in words and it took me a while to figure out WTH to do, exactly. A simple layout like with the 3/4" ply would have been very welcome. Finally, and again pretty small, he uses a 2" PVC sanitary tee where the exhaust air splits to catch dust from the cabinet and from the router. I used a long-sweep tee wye fitting. I just started using the cabinet, and it is solid. If you have never used a router table before I suspect you will be quite pleased when you do. The ease and accuracy has thus far amazed me. NOTE: Yes, there are a variety of different woods in the cabinet, due to having made "a few" mistakes along the way and running out of plywood. So, I filled in with what I had around. Form follows function!