Grizzly - G0899 (Rating: 4)

This review is based on saw price & quality
My back ground is 40 plus years in construction fine home building & wood working I have used just about every brand of tool out there. I'm now retired & needed a new table saw for my "hobby wood working"
4 stars for this machine due to it's competitive pricing and what you get for your money in today's market. I started out looking to spend about 1K used or new all used stuff was old junk and nothing new for that price so I looked at the Grizz & Shop fox G01771Z & didn't like the fence upped budget to 1.5K & bought the G0899.
The saw is well made & cuts very accurate (after set up) I'm running it on 20 amp 110 circuit.
The main table is very flat within .001 the extensions fit up very nice and are within .005. It took some time but I got blade to table at .001-.002. The fence was much easier to align.
I like the fence it moves very smooth & locks down solid in line every time. The blade adjustment wheels work nice & smooth & did not need any adjustment to get it dead on at 90 degrees also perfect at 45 degrees.
The 2hp motor is fine and cut some 1 1/2" DF no problem. I changed blades around on some 5/4 Oak and found using a thin kerf blade the saw ran better.
I compared this saw to the Harvey (exact same saw) but Harvey was about $500.00 more, The Laguna I didn't like due to it's blade location from front of table & also cost more money.
My only complaint is Grizzly doesn't make a thin kerf riving knife for this saw which I think is ridiculous for a 2hp saw. Overall very happy with it & I'll never need to buy another table saw.
Just remember this NOT a 3-5hp cabinet saw if you expect this saw to be built & preform like one of those you will be disappointed. But IMO it's the best 10" table saw you can buy in the $1200-$2000 price range.

Edit, 2nd complaint the riving knife adjustment is a major PIA ! Had it set perfect for RK took (about 20 minutes) without guard/dust collector switched to guard & had re-adjust & took another 20-30 minutes. Not a major problem but just a pain.
On a good note I ripped some 2 1/4" Oak and saw did a nice job motor didn't bog down & cut was smooth and no burn marks. Also got it hooked up to a small wall mount dust collector & with guard in place very little dust on table & zero dust anywhere else.