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Getting slabs from 2' ash log

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I have a 2' ish diameter crotch section of an ash log about 3' long. I have literally no way to slab it out. I have a crosscut-filed handsaw, but I don't think it would work very well for ripping. My tablesaw would get through maybe a 3rd of it if i could hold the log steady through the cut. I'm willing to get a new tool but would like to keep costs to a minimum. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Make sure to seal the ends.
Check out YouTube.
Quick and dirty band saw mill (part of a series).
Milling with a 090.
Chainsaw milling the walnut tree.
and more.

What kind of table saw do you have that could cut 1/3 way thru a 2' log?
splatman- more like 1/4 of the way through- that's 3 inches from either side. Sorry bad math.

TheFridge- it's already pretty dry. It's a large cutoff i got about a year ago and never had plans of what to do with it until now. it hasn't checked too badly yet, but if i can get slabs out of it i'll definitely seal it up.

waho6o9- Thanks for your suggestion. This was one of the low-cost possibilities i was looking at, but read an article on how these saws don't track very well through the cut. have you had experience using a frame saw?
"have you had experience using a frame saw?"

No LoganK I don't have any experience using a frame saw but I find that statement from the article

odd. Maybe our betters can give their experiences. Good luck and looking forward to your projects and

ash slabs. :)
I wouldn't even entertain a thought about cutting this by hand.

I suggest find a sawyer with a bandsaw mill. Even if I had to drive a couple hours worth it.
You're probably going to get a better cut and your back will thank you for it!
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