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# Here goes nothin! LOL!

Figured out how where to find files! added recent pics

Electrical wiring Gas Machine Engineering Electrical supply

look sidways!

Wood Machine tool Gas Saw Toolroom

Harbor Frieght Lathe added a year ago!

Wood Workbench Gas Toolroom Machine

Cabinet saw and old craftsman router table on wooden table

Miter saw Tradesman Sander Door Wood

Before the add ins

Clothing Table Furniture Wood Kitchen

Couldn't find the current pictures, will post when I get the darn things labeled? !

Thanks for following. Sorta feel like the Pigpen character in Penuts comics. The clound of chaos seems to hang over me. But I move through it.

Snow, finding a lost dog, and my work ( including filling out insurace billing forms..GRRRR) that pays money for food, seem to take alot of time? Oh yeah seeing what the masters are doing on LJ's and normal chores seem to take some more of that thing called time?

I took some stills which I will attempt (first time) to include. Also practicing with new digital movie camera to emulate (nice word LOL!) Andy Halewood, and Charles Neil, but in the woodbutcher style, :)

Learning a new woodworking vocabulary…3P's Patience, Precision, Practice. We'll see how well I remember when I'm in the shop????

Started, and still in the middle of a cosmetic uplift for the Ol Lady..My 1023 Grizzly cabinet saw. When I was assembling the Sop Fox Dolly, I couldn't find the washer? And spent an hour looking through the hardware because I haven't "Put it Back", and had to bore out a washer to finish the job. Same thing! Wings went on smothly, but trying to find the bolts for the fence guide rails…..nope!

We do have a hardware store that carries a lot of stuff farmers require. So I found what I needed.

As I said…Doing cosmetic work while assembling to protect the cabinet saw from moisture in those worn places…couldn't find any Black Paint! Back to the hardware store and found something for tractors. It has a hardener to mix in, although not required. Bought it…Will use it on my Snow Plow truck as well.

Oh yeah, the dog showed up, and I shoveled slush and ice.

Saga to be continued!

But I am getting there LOL! ( Practicing the first P)
I mainly am laughing because I am starting a complete shop overhaul and I can't find anything!


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Need some help for the next step /220 single phase GFI?

I will have to put new wiring in for my 220 single phase 1023sl grizzly bear. Thats the next step so I can make hardwood rails for my "too short " dollies.

I have GFI's in line on all 110 circuits. It appears that I can only get a 220 GFI cuircut breaker?

Will be going to my second home..My favorite "Box Store" to pick up some electrical hardware.

Will I have to mount a 220 single phase gfi in the panel?

Should fit in the place of a normal breaker. Not sure you need one for that though. If you haven't already, check the code.

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"Houston we have lift off!"

Quick update: Installed a new metal conduit 220 single phase line for the mama bear 1023sl grizzly. NEMA has made some changes since this saw was built. 20 amp circuit has a different plug and socket. Found it out through trial and error and Google. I had the sticks of conduit sitting for a few years, and found my bender. Took awhile and some wrong bends, but I got it together and pulled the wire. ( Wouldn't pay me for the job…LOL!)

I was going to wire an extension cord for 20 amp 220, but I didn't pay attention to the socket purchase. "Oh Dah!" so I have to exchange it. GRRR! My local Ace/Fleet Farm does not carry 220 stuff unless it is for appliances. Fortunately I'm going to work tommorrow, around 44 miles away.

The good news is " Mama bear fired up and running. Blade running true".

Next step is back to my dollies that have rails that are too short and Northern Tool doesn't sell them now…sigh!

Will be cutting rails for my dolly that will go under my jointer/planer. Which is the next assembly project.

And the saga continues…inch by inch I now have a foot! And a tool completed.
Just keep plugging away. Big projects coming in the near future.

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Uncle Stumpy asked if I had any projects yet? LOL!

This is what I told him….

I am moving forward and backwards at the same time. Got a challenge from a friend who I had challenged awhile ago. He is through his angst and has sold a major painting, plus others. He said "just go out and play with the wood." I agreed. Then the electrical inspector called asking if I had finished yet? That became my priority. Finished it and made a major mistake which he has had me correct.

Yesterday I finished putting together some concrete pads. Had to adjust for a very crooked concrete floor. Will be building a large shelf to put my crap on.

I had gone to my shop to play with the wood and couldn't find a place to DO anything! Dangerous as well?

Probably another week as I will be seeing the few clients I have (psychology) and after all that, and before finishing assembly of my jointer/planer, floor drill press, and delta dust collector…...I have a piece of ash that has dried and checked that I will make a sitting stool when feeding my outside/and barn cats.

Have a title for when I post it…"Sitting on my ash!"

Gotta call the electrical inspector to get him to sign off.

No simple answers.

As long as progress is being made and you're happy.

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Still here!

Haven't posted in awhile re: my tools and shop. I have made progress and have shared that with a few LJ's. I have succeeded in getting through my electrical inspection and now have an approved box in the Cau Haus.

I ran metal conduit for my 220 single phase cabinet saw. Had some sticks of metal conduit from a project many years ago. Had to do some tricky(for me) bends and twists to get around ceiling joists and the metal gas pipe for the furnace. Of course I screwed it up! Brain function slows with age if it's not used in a particular area. Looked at some bend and tried to bend it on the floor. Backwards!

Good thing I had it inspected. Went to local Box Store and even checked out NEMA and still picked the wrong outlet! Eyes also diminish with age. I need glasses for close up! The electrical inspector was quite kind, as this was my third year..LOL! Been busy doing other things. he pointed out that I had chosen 110 plugs and outlet….GRRRR! Rewired my extension cord and the plug on the saw and the outlet. He put his stamp on the box! Sigh!

After that…looked around and found NO CLEAR SPACE TO WORK IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING!Set about to improve my safety, and create order. Built a floor to (low) ceiling shelf. It's plumb and level. Attached to support the floor joists for the second floor. Had to pour concrete footers to get the upright posts stable. Small pads take as long as knee walls!

Finished it last night. not square…but close enough…shelves. Started moving materials and tools onto the shelves. I have way too many gallons of exterior oil stain! Another story….

Will be cleaning up the benches and floors in the work area, after doing insurance billing for my psychology practice( I hate paperwork!)

And it's me and that piece of ash. It's sat for a long time in a dry space in winter for a few years now. I'm going to use a trick I learned from Charles Niel to remove them.

Hope to have some pictures and progress on an actual piece of furniture????? LOL

Thanks for following my babble.
Hopefully a few folks are paying attention. You're giving a lot of good information for others that are planning to put together a shop.

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What is the status?

An update re: progress if it can be called that? The first picture is a somewhat organized chaos! I realized that I was in Hazzard County as my benches and the floor were filled with materials, tools and garbage. I decided that after the electric box was approved to go out and work on that "piece of ash." But I was unable to move.

Wood Hardwood Flooring Ladder Tool

The second picture is a slight evolution of progress? I actually put in about three of my shop DAZE getting materials and tools put on the floor to ceiling shelving I built, which took more time than I expected…OH DAH!

Wood Building Floor Flooring Hardwood

The third picture, which should be the last in this sequence, is that ash that I had cut in two to work on the checks and splits that had developed. Found out why Charles Neil is always right…LOL! The piece was given to me as a sample. Its from the center of the log and near the first cut off the log. The piece split right where Charles said "it always splits and checks here." GRRR!

Wanted to do a butterfly, Nakashima style on the organic piece. Didn't have a mortising bit! Ordered one. When I put it into my porter cable plunge router and tried to use the bushing . It ate it up. Brass!
go figure????? Waiting on a Porter Cable bushing set.

Wood Tool Natural material Hardwood Wood stain

The last three photos show why it took some time. I jacked up the second floor joists and set the posts to help support my second floor and plumb the support posts.

This is the floor to ceiling shelving that I built. 2 ft deep and 8 ft wide! I loaded it up and now have some organized chaos! The shelving took around 2 weeks with work and waiting for the concrete pads to set up. No level surfaces in my Cau Haus!


Property Wood Shelf Shelving Wall

Wood Beam Floor Wood stain Hardwood

Damn, even though they are small pads they took a week to set. This gave me a flat and level as well as strong base to set the posts.

Wood Table Flooring Gas Desk

I am now trying to get my plane blades sharpened, and my planes functional.. playing with my routers and the piece of ash!

Spring time is here. I missed my objective of having my jointer planer assembled as well as my floor drill press, which is still in a box under material in another room in the shop!

My old Victorian house is in need of maintenance she is 140 years old and has lots of character but she requires more energy than a normal house/ rebuilt THE BACK PORCH, ADDED INSULATED WINDOWS AND ADDITIONAL FRAMING. it's 80 % finished on inside and needs something to stay in character on the outside.

Another reason for my lack of follow through is I lost two more of my cats to Feline Leukemia this past month.

Three inches forward…two inches back.

Later my friends
Progress is still being made.

Sorry to hear about the cats.


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The eagle has landed!

My goal was to have my equipment up and running by Spring. I had a detour in building the shelving, and having to make the rails for the equipment dollies. It's Mid-Spring and today I reassembled my 6×48 belt sander floor model. This is the last piece of shop equipment that sat idle or in a box depreciating for 7 years. It is not pictured here.

The first picture is my 7" jointer planer from Harbor Freight ( now discontinued) After attempting to read the directions ( sparse and inconsistent) I realized I had to stop. I want the shop equipment to be on dollies and I had purchased them from Northern Tool at a reasonable price. ( Now discontinued) I am unable to use the steel tubing that came with it. Too short! Solved the problem by stealing an idea from one of the companies that sell you the corner brackets and you provide wooden rails. Used hardwood ( ash LOL!) and I had to true it up by hand as my rabbit jointer was not assembled. I found my old planes and had to sharpen the blades. Eventually I shaped the rails and assembled the mobile base for the jointer. ( used this on the dolly for the drill press)

Wood Flooring Gas Engineering Shipping box

Handwriting Font Plant Wood Material property

Motor vehicle Engineering Gas Electronic engineering Thickness planer

Got to this point in my stumbling assembly and found that the guide fence was the wrong one. Oh yeah did I mention it's discontinued! GRRRR! Gave up and cleaned up my work area. The back was made for a different size jointer , also discontinued! It has tabs which sit on each side of the feed table. Bright idea!I used my 7" grinder and ground the tabs off of the cast Iron guide fence. The I had to find metric hex head bolts and a metric driver. My local Farm and Fleet/Ace Hardware had the bolts. And it is assembled. Have to make a chip collector for it
Table Wood Floor Flooring Gas

The next machine is my Delta Planer which I had to remove the rust which was on the rollers and clean the knives and clean up the body. Oh yeah It's depreciated and discontinued. They have replaced it with a second model in 7 years.

Wood Office equipment Audio equipment Office supplies Engineering

The next item took some engineering and my come-a-long! You can see the modified rails in the Dolly. I was able to use the jointer on them. About one third the time of my hand planning !

Wood Gas Flooring Engineering Machine

This is my set up in assembling the Head onto the column of the 17 inch 1 hp floor drill press. Oh yeah its DISCONTINUED! This went amazingly well. Made a sling out of jute rope and ratcheted it up above the previously assembled column. I was lucky as I expected it to not get above the column on my first try.

Gas Audio equipment Electrical wiring Machine Wire

The dolly out of sequence LOL!
Wood Milling Drill presses Floor Flooring

Assembled and running! The Woosie Wins!

Wood Gas Engineering Machine Clock

The last picture is my 1.5 hp Delta Dust Collector The Chorus replies IT'S DISCONTINUED! This too had rust on the impeller and the rust had also gotten under the paint on the blower housing. Sanded, primered, painted, and reassembled.

It's been a long journey. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Looked around for my Woodstock chip collector lid I bought many years ago. Does not fit any of the trash cans at my local Menards HMMM should I have expected it to fit. The chorus "It's Discontinued!"

So I saw Stumpy Nubbs last show and I will be building a chip collector to precede my dust collector

I have been playing with my natural edge piece of ash. and I have a picture of the project in my head. I will put it together practicing with my new depreciated tools. LOL!

After this my old Victorian house needs some upgrading and maintenance. I will be building some cabinets to go under the windows and making some decorative trim in keeping with the country Victorian exterior. It won't be furniture for awhile but it will be woodworking and practicing with my shop equipment.
Doing great. Almost time to start making a big pile of sawdust.


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My version of the thein chip collector

Having assembled my shop equipment, and watching Stumpy Nubbs show on chip collection for the lower budget…MINE! LOL! Went to my local box stores to purchase a trash can and I was sorely disappointed at the quality of the product in more than one store. At present I have no money for tools. So I remembered the burn barrel I purchased last year for $&.%). Checked it out…price increase. 10 bucks!

Had to clean out dried peanut oil! Another fun task?

Table Hood Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Lots of fun cutting out the lid and lower deflector as my band saw didn't seem to be cutting to smoothly. Got some great advise from fellow LJ's helping out a Newbie. Got it figured out after seeing a great video recommended by Horizontalmike Didn't have a circle cutting jig for my router. Bought some Plexiglas to make one. Tried to cut the holes for the input ports with my circle cutter for sheet metal. Worked once in practice. Dulled the bit??? Cut the 4" holes with my Makita saber saw

Table Wood Stool Workbench Desk

Automotive tire Grass Gas Composite material Cylinder
Found excellent instructions for building the thein Dust chip collector by Googling and I purchased the input/output ports from Rockler as they screw together.

Gas Tints and shades Circle Wood Concrete
Sanded and used two coats of shellac sealer, then Rustolium spray primmer and the grey spray paint I used to clean up my Delta Dust Collector

Table Plant Wood Gas Circle

I used carriage bolts, 8" x 3/8's and made sleeves from my conduit that I screwed up putting in my 220 volt line for my cabinet saw. LOL! I like to overbuild. could have just left it. :)

Gas Cylinder Plant Machine Composite material

Purchased some coaster wheels to mount to the bottom of the can for ease of movement. But I have had to start on my decaying second floor windows in my Victorian House. Thought it would be a matter of scraping old paint. NOPE! water damage. It's my NEW PRIORITY as I am not getting any younger and I'm working off a two story ladder!
Looks like a good job Doc. Waiting for you to start churning out projects.


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What is the difference between the delta model 40-650 and the model 40-650 type 2?

I just had the Good Fortune or Misfortune of purchasing a Delta 18 inch Model 40-650 scroll saw with table. I realize this is an OLD Scroll saw. The price was about what I might pay for the stand at retail. The man I purchased it from was a genuine guy. Had to drive an hour there and as it turns out 2.5 hours back in a blizzard! LOL!

Could have purchased a new one. Yet I am impressed with this older saw. It had been sitting for awhile as it is his wife's tool and she bought a larger throat Craftsman commercial scroll saw.

Good thing I asked "does it cut wood?" The demonstration was a disaster. turns out the lower clamping device was re installed backwards. The Delta manual that came with the saw sucks in that area. I thought Harbor Freight was bad. LOL! We spent a couple of hours attempting to get it aligned and holding a pinless blade. Wife came home and said"The lower clamp is in backwards."

Got it together, It cut a full piece of wood and I disassembled it cause I'm a woosie ( smarter though) these days. By the time I got home it was in a blizzard on the major highway travelling at 30 mph with blinkers going while idiots (truley) in their 4 wheel drives were going by. I learned in my 2500 CK with plow that 4 WHEEL DOESN'T KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD BUT IT IS GREAT FOR GETTING YOU BACK ON IT! ( don't ask how I know)

The question of this blog is "How is my older version, and a later Type 2 different as it is not obvious from the manuals. I downloaded the Type 2 manual and parts list for comparison. I Googled this question but "Nothing!"

Soooo I am again looking for knowledge and wisdom to guide me as I want to clean up and tune up my newest Old tool.

As always I appreciate your guidance in areas I am not familiar. ( If I hadn't watched him reassemble and test the mechanism 5 times I would have been truly frustrated!)

The saw is in the car and there is 12 inches of snow I have to shovel so I can take pictures, but I want to start finding information.
Those are the type of things that happen to me. Makes life more interesting. Hope your weather clears up.

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Re-purposing a shop bench to a woodworkers bench

Been awhile since my last post:

Randy aka Blackie asked that I show my rehabbed/recycled Hybrid woodworking bench. Please feel free to share your thoughts, advise and humor. It is appreciated.

So here it is! Looked and listened to some really good woodworkers here on LJ's like Paul aka Shipwright, and Kiefer. Have to give credit to Paul Sellers and his YouTube video of constructing a woodworkers bench and a more recent one regarding adding bench dogs to your existing bench. Also an excellent video on installing a Jorgenson Woodworking bench vise.

I thought about building one like my hero's, but I am being true to my Wabi Sabi self in recycling and re-purposing what I have, while learning from my imperfections….LOL!

Another step in becoming a better woodworker.

The first Picture is the bench vise I purchased last year after reading positive and negative reviews on Amazon. I have since learned more about different types and might now choose a different vise. But this one will have to be my workhorse.

Fluid Cosmetics Air gun Trigger Liquid

I built this bench from the materials that I used building a three section bench attached to the shop wall out of the construction material that was to be a shop floor. ( Before I found water leaking in under the walls of my shop…another long story…grrr) I had set it up to do metal work. Had a big machinist vise and an angle iron edge. Had built it to balance sheet goods when using my old craftsman belt driven table saw. Now have a Grizzly cabinet saw and height is different. It had been a modified tension box and deck type frame construction. So the 2×8's were glued and screwed to the bottom of the bench top for future bench dog holes. Otherwise the whole bench is anchored together with ceramic coated screws.

Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain Hardwood

This was another inspired innovation. LOL! I rehabbed an office chair and used star nuts for the levelers. I saw Shipwright's solution and looked at what the costs of bench wheels were at the woodstores. I purchased the castors with the stems, originally for my scroll saw stand. At least 150 pounds and locking hubs for wheels and pivot bearings. Had to run the threading all the way through the castor with WD Forty and a wrench. Mounted the star nuts with s sledge hammer. Drilled holes into the legs and screwed on the castors. Seemed like a great solution.

Until I turned the bench over! The star nuts really could not provide a stable anchor and the bench would rock with the brakes on! A couple taps with my hammer and they were dislodged! Back to the idea board? Oh yeah they made the bench too high.

I had to use a 2×4 laid on its face to provide the difference for me to have the right bench height. As I said back to the idea board. But it is working and I have used it for a couple projects so far.

Wood Workbench Tool Machine Hardwood

Not as expected!

Table Furniture Tradesman Wood Artisan

Next picture is mounting my "POS" 7 inch Harbor Freight bench vise, bought many years ago. Very sloppy , but I am using it to anchor pieces for planning against bench dogs until I can afford to purchase another one.

Tradesman Carpenter Wood Floor Flooring

Had some ceder fence boards that were sitting in the basement that were long enough to add a nice finish to the construction materials…LOL! They were also the same depth at the Jorgenson vise jaws. Hey I even hand planned the rough sides down to make finished boards. Got that brain storm while sanding and getting coated with saw dust!

Table Wood Creative arts Hardwood Workbench

Well as I posted earlier in my shop notes blog this was a good idea that failed. I find my shop has gotten smaller with the assembly of all the shop equipment. The mobile bench was a way to set up tools in a work plan. When I have more woodworking time I will revisit the mobility issue. Until then it is now more functional, comfortable, and I found some ash to fit the vise jaws!

Wood Workbench Sewing machine Gas Table

As I've complained to my friends, I have to get some major maintenance done on my old Victorian, while I am able to climb ladders, hang out windows, and lift commodes to repair broken flanges in upstairs toilets! also to use the window of weather while I can?

Thanks for viewing!
Great job. I want lots of benches in the shop. Then I don't have to put things away as often. :)


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Maple, Murphy, and Me,

Murphy always has a treat in store for me.
Wood Floor Flooring Gas Hardwood

My friend CharlieK (on LJ's) lives in MN/St.Paul area. A town called Fridley. He had purchased a trailer load of rough milled hard maple and he had a lot left over which he was wanting to sell to get it out of his garage Took my 1990 3/4 ton truck and traveled 124 miles to have lunch and pick up some maple. Had a full truck bed up to the top of the sides of maple and I was returning home in the dark. About 11 miles from home my front passenger side tire wall gave out (used seldom but 18 years old?) And I had to call for assistance. Turns out we couldn't tow the truck due to all the hard maple in the back would put to much stress against the tailgate. The guy's station is a block or so from my house. Had him bring my old tire that had been sitting on the ground under a tree and we changed the tire which has rot for the blown tire.

He lifted the truck and put the spare on which shows weakness in the structure. Got it home late. (situation normal afu) Called our local salvage yard, for used tire. NA Called local tire replacement and my mech. No used available,and the truck needs new tires. Even though it's not a commuter it handles my plowing needs. And it needs good tires for occasional use.

Property Wood Building Floor Wall

Also didn't want to store the wood outside this winter as I'd done that a few years ago and when I uncovered the pile in spring had ants throughout the wood pile.
Thought I'd build a lumber rack in my sandstone walls basement but couldn't find an empty 8 ft. long space. To shorten this up….I moved and cleaned and constructed a wood rack that sits on bricks as I get water in the basement ( no sump pump)

Actually just finished unloading and stacking the wood in 10 degree temps.

Thanks for checking it out!
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Lumber Shelving

All comments and suggestions appreciated!
The things we all do because of being wood hoarders. Way to get it done sir.


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