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get back up

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I just saw this thought you might get inspiration from it like I did.

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Thank you Jim, thank you.

Puts your problems into perspective… Thank you.
Thanks, Jim. That certainly was inspirational.
It certainly does put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing Jim.
That must be great, to have no pain. (sorry)

thanks jim ,

everything else seems like chicken feed .

very inspirational !
I have been having some depression since my heart attack thinking about how I couldn't do what I used to. Now I am truly ashamed of myself. makes you wonder what god sees in all of us. thank you Jim. we needed that.
Good Stuff!!!! Quit is not in his vocabulary!
Thanks Jim. That makes me realize how small any problems I may have truly are. He is an amazing inspiration to all. Thanks again for sharing.
Thanks Jim.
Had two neck operations, feeling a little down because I can't do what I did before. This makes me look at things a new way,a challenge to be overcome. You are never too old to learn and this is a good example. Thanks Jim for posting it…....Bill
I've seen that, but always good to see again.
We all take what we have for granted including not being in constant pane. I know my perspective would be totally different if I had to suffer day and night with constant pain like many do. I'm grateful I don't have to suffer what must be hell and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have to live with that anguish.
This fellow is like a lighthouse on a stormy shore, just waiting to save you and bring you home. I feel safer and stronger after watching this video and I have a higher regard for someone who may have less in a physical way but more to offer us in a courageous and human way.
Wow! I'll stop whinning now. Kind of puts life in perspective doesn't it?

Incredible story-Thanks for sharing Jim
Thanks Jim, I needed that.
Thanks Jim, Amazing. I really appreciate this.
Did anyone see the film he's in? It's on line and only 20 minutes long. It's also a very good flick:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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