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gerehchini or girihchini or as we call it in persian گره چینی is a way of decorating doors and windows in ancient houses and religious places in Iran. Yazd, Isfahan and some ancient cities of Iran are famous for this art.
gereh or girih is a proportional geometric pattern that is used for making the layout of how wood sticks will be joined together. all of sticks are joined in mortise and tenon way, without glue or nails. at the end there will be a stable frame with or without stained glass.
gerehchini is combination of two words :
1.gereh or girih in persian گره that means geometric pattern. in direct translation into English it means knot.
2.chini that means put things in their place properly

gereh is also used in tiling , islamic mosques have brilliant work on this field.
there are numerous gereh patterns with different coloring pattern.

Window Fixture Building Art Glass

more information about gereh at wikipedia and also

Dolat Abad Garden
orosi, ارسی
Beautiful! I wondered about the history of this style while I was in Iraq in 2003,4 and 5. It was stunning to look at! Thanks for sharing!


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