General - International 10-105M1 1.5 hp Dust Collector (Rating: 4)

I bought this dust collector a few weeks ago after much research into dust collection units. Ideally, I'd loved to have been able to afford the cost (in money and shop space) of a cyclone dust collector, but it wouldn't have fit into my budget or 13×22' garage. Initially I was interested in the Delta 50-760 after reading some good reviews, however the owner of the local tool store convinced me that the General was a better unit from what he'd heard from his customers.
The unit came in one large box. The instructions were very clear, and it took me less than 1h to set it up. It came wired for 110V although has somewhat complicated instructions on switching the wiring for 220V if I ever want to.
Air movement is listed as 1100CFM.
I also bought a Samona 1 micron canister for $90 which fits nicely onto the dust collector as the collector only came with a 30 micron bag, which from what I've read is useless as the majority of the "bad" dust is the less than 5 micron size.
So far I have used it on my mitre saw and with my table saw. Dust collection on both is about 80%, which is of course 80% better than what it used to be, but not perfect. The machines are connected via ~9' runs of 4" plastic tubing (as an aside; the collector inlet is 6" but the Y adaptor is 4"; this seems to be standard on most smaller DC, which doesn't make sense, why choke off the flow right from the start?). I would have loved to use 6" tubing, but had trouble finding any from my regular tool stores, will have to think about upgrading in the future.
Overall, this is an ok DC; it was easy to set up and seems to collect dust well: I think that some further tweaking for my TS and mitre saw I could get the dust collection up to 90%. Cons is that it only came with a 30 micron bag so I had to upgrade.