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General Finishes Enduro Pre-Cat Urethane

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I am having trouble locating information about using this product on new wood. I plan to spray using a Rockler HVLP system like this.

I am looking for help in selecting tip size, what the film should look like right after spraying, etc.

Thanks for any help given.
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CharlesNeil…..........I gotta say that reading this post, that you are a pleasure. So nice to see/read things that come from a lifetime of experience and as far as I am concerened,you know what you speak about.

Finishing is a "trade" of its own. The combinations and permutaions of what can go wrong is virtually endless. Once again I remain convinced that "experiene is a very tough teacher"......test first,......... lesson later.

I have taken many finishing courses over the years and have decades of time spent with a spray gun in my hand. A good finisher can make junk look priceless and a bad finisher can ruin a priceless piece in seconds.
1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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